The Short Story:

I'm Nissa. First and foremost, I'm an editorial photographer with expertise in textiles and garments.  I absolutely love the challenge that fabric brings to photography. And I never, ever imagined myself here! I spent five years shooting weddings + portraiture before I discovered this niche of photography. 

As the former in-house photographer for C&T Publishing, and now through my own independent Photo + Design Packaging service Page + Pixel, I've shot photographs for over a hundred books + patterns. My background in design (I was professionally trained in New Media at the Academy of Art University) makes me uniquely equipped with an understanding of how photography, design and information must work together to convey a message. Additionally, my work in portraiture (a market I am still active in; It has my heart) is rounds my expertise when working with models and lifestyle sets. 

I've worked with technical and developmental editors who are the best in their field, who taught me how garments are supposed to look on bodies and how fabrics are supposed to appear in photography. I love working alongside other creative people.  My passion is creating technical and beautiful photography that sells. 


The Long Story: 

I was born in a far-away land called Wisconsin,  where it snows in the Winter and thunderstorms in the Summer.

I came to California in 2005 to pursue art and music in a place I thought would have more to offer. After a failed attempt at making a living off making records (in which my heart not being in it was mainly at fault) I went to art school to try and figure out what to do with my life and what I felt like was a creative existence.  Around that time, my husband and I were given a “nice” Canon digital point and shoot camera for Christmas and strange as it may sound, that was my first time with a real digital camera. I got hooked, fast.

I never really chose to pursue photography…it chose me. I found myself reading, trying, doing, shooting and failing. Every once in awhile I’d succeed and that was enough to keep my interest piqued. I felt like I couldn’t get enough, I couldn’t learn enough. I took photos of everything and in everything I found dialogue. A photograph is an unspoken story. Every single thing around us has one. I became entangled in the incredible relationships.

Photography is something I do because I do it. It’s the way I see, and the way I converse. I didn’t start photographing people because I wanted to capture memories and set up cool props  -  I did it because I realized that when I photographed people, I was seeing them. The photo portrays their story.

That’s what fuels me as a photographer in every capacity of my work.

When I’m not working, I spend a lot of time with my husband David and our son, Jack,  in our little Mid-Century apartment. I am obsessed with Mid-Century design and have been collecting amazing things for years. We met playing music, and it continues to be a big part of our life today. We also love sports and spend the Summers at baseball games (Go A's!) and Fall throwing weekly football parties (Go Packers!). We have an American Hairless Terrier named Oscar who is up for pretty much anything.